A wide range of bespoke garment decoration services

Lea-Ray are experts in high quality garment design and decoration. As well as high quality Logo Embroidery and Screen Printing as standard, we also offer a wide range of additional services to promote your brand through clothing.


Appliqué is a unique alternative to standard embroidery, used to create a badge like effect which is crisp and very detailed. It minimises the number of stitches by replacing the background of an in-filled logo, which in turn can help reduce the cost of large designs. It works by laser cutting a piece of fabric to shape, and then embroidering the logo over the top, directly onto the garment. The price for appliqué is dependent upon the design size, complexity, background material, and order quantity.

Transfer Printing

Transfer printing comes in 2 forms; Cad-Cut and Digital. Cad-Cut transfer printing is a basic form of garment decoration where a design is machine cut out of vinyll fabric, and then applied onto garments using heat and pressure. It is usually only used for basic, 1colour designs such as simple logos, or large names and numbers (e.g. the back of a rugby or football shirt). The benefit to cad-cut is that there is no minimum order, and no setup charge, so it can be a cheaper alternative to screen printing for small quantities .

Digital transfer printing, or "litho printing", is best used to create full colour designs. It works by digitally printing onto a special transfer paper, which is then cut to shape and applied to the garment using heat and pressure. The result is a beautiful, soft print finish, which will not fade, crack or peel. It works best for detailed logos on a solid background. There is no minimum order, or setup charge, and prices reduce greatly for larger orders.

Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing

DTG printing is where a design is applied directly into the garments surface using a special inkjet printer. The result is a vibrant, full colour digital print which is ultra soft to touch. It only really works on white, ring-spun cotton t-shirts, but there is no minimum order, and prices reduce greatly for larger orders. 

Vintage Printing

Vintage printing, or "discharge" printing, is an innotive technique which creates a bleached effect by removing the colour from the garment. It works by adding a special chemical to the ink of a normal screen print, which reacts with the dye of the garment taking it back to its natural colour. This chemical reaction varies on different fabrics and colours, giving a truly unique finish with every batch. The result is a beautiful, soft print finish, which will not fade, crack or peel. Prices for vinage printing are the same as screen printing, but without the need for a flash base print. 

Bespoke Options

We have the facilities to make completely bespoke clothing in the UK, Europe and the Far East. We also provide a unique service where we can re-label garments to create a total brand package for our customers. Perfect for companies wishing to start their own brand, or promote themselves at a higher level. We can also provide tax tabbing, bespoke zip pull attachments, and even custom made buttons full for added effect. Your logo can either be woven into or printed on to labels, in a vast range of sizes and styles. Please contact us for more information. 

Custom Packing

Every garment we produce is supplied individually folded and bagged as standard. We also offer services to custom man-pack orders to make it easier for staff distribution, and even produce bespoke packaging for added brand awareness.

Please contact us today for prices and more information.