A day at the beach with Whitstable Bay


When our buddies at Shepherd Neame came calling needing some urgent stand-in models, we couldn't turn them down.

The setting was The Neptune Pub in Whitstable - a real local gem, perfect for showing off the cool, laid back persona of Whitstable Bay.

It was hot. REALLY hot. But the Whitstable Bay Pale Ale & Lager was ice cold and flowing nicely. A few pics, a few sips and a lot of laughs later and we had it in the bag. 

Male "models" and Custom Ice Bucket courtesy of Learay.

The Whitstable Bay Collection is named after the traditional fishing village of Whitstable; renowned for its beaches and oysters. The beers in the range include a full bodied pale ale, light organic ale, silky stout and contemporary lager.