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Some are intended to be provocative and striking, while others are more conservative and subtle – Prodir writing instruments not only have to write well, they also have to appear authentic. They have to offer something new and fresh time and again. With a dedicated team at their headquarters in Switzerland and in eight locations around the globe, Prodir work to ensure that this is achieved in every single order. Together we work tirelessly to produce ballpoint pens so good that they can represent the most demanding of brands credibly and sustainably.

For us, writing and advertising go hand in hand. 



Design tells a story. Good design tells a story of care and attention in the function and creativity that runs through it. That is why we believe good design is always the best way to start a good story. The same goes for excellent refill technology. The combination of effective refills and strong form creates pens which are ideally equipped to work as credible brand ambassadors. 

Every Prodir ballpoint pen already exudes this outstanding quality before being personalised. This ensures that the identity of a brand is communicated sustainably. 




The perfect option when you need that little bit more: Multifunctional, individually personalisable packaging and cases reinforce message and effectiveness. It can also include a package insert with additional information. Ideal for trade fair appearances, as a merchandising product or gift set. 

Choose from: The classical individual packaging with plenty of space for images, illustrations, graphics and text : The minimalist dual box made from biodegradable or recycled materials : The transparent packaging for one or two writing instruments, ideal for sets with different models, writing systems and/or personalisation options.




Good writing instruments keep their promises: They not only look great, they also write that way too. They offer maximum writing comfort, perfect writing appearance and glide gently and easily over the paper.

All of the writing systems can be deployed in all Prodir models. They develop and produce them all in-house. So that in the end, everything fits perfectly together. Because every system is only as dependable as the perfectly harmonised interplay of its components. And should the refill of your Prodir writing instrument eventually run out of ink, it can easily be replaced. So that you can continue to write beautifully and enjoyably, for a long time to come.